Spokesperson & media training

Boost your journalist interview & public speaking skills

How do you get the most from media interviews and public speaking?

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Perhaps you’re new to journalist interviews and keen to learn the ropes. Or maybe you’re an accomplished public speaker who’s interested in performing even better.

Want to know the secret to getting your message across with flair and conviction?

Need to know how to stay clear of journalists’ traps?

Ready to deal with the fall-out of a crisis?

Image of spokesperson being interviewed to illustrate media training services

We provide media training services for all ability levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – which we’ll tailor to your particular goals, messages and hot topics.

If you’re new to dealing with the media, we can introduce you to the basic principles and simple, effective techniques.

If you’re more experienced, we can help you refine your skills, handle difficult situations or work on a particular challenge.

We can coach you to deal confidently with print and online journalists as well as TV and radio – and to survive the heat of a crisis.

We can provide one-to-one or group sessions for your organisation which combine a stimulating mix of technique training and role play. We’ll provide constructive feedback, powerful tips you can use straight away and a personal development plan to help you keep improving.

We can also coach you in effective presenting and public speaking – backed, if needed, by our speech writing services.

And with both media and public speaking training, we can incorporate our message development services if required to hone your story before you practise delivering it.

Get in touch to find out how we could help you improve your spokesperson skills.

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