What we’ve done

Our first tasks were to audit MIGSOLV’s existing marketing, and to analyse external perceptions of the company by interviewing its customers and partners.

Then, through a series of workshops as part of a Kick Start exercise, we explored the firm’s strengths, opportunities, target customers and competitive position. Based on this, we developed a far clearer, more inspiring identity for the company.

The firm had previously been trading under separate identities for the data centre and consultancy strands of its business – with two names, logos, websites and social media pages – which had led to confusion, complexity and higher costs.

We brought these together into a simpler, unified profile for MIGSOLV as ‘your trusted data centre partner’ delivering ‘the best customer service in the industry’. We also identified the company’s friendly, down-to-earth personality as vital in setting it apart from most stuffy, corporate data centre operators.

These new messages, in turn, informed a vibrant new visual identity.



Having established this simplifed positioning, we devised a fresh marketing strategy. We then worked in close partnership with MIGSOLV’s directors to implement this, including:

  • development of a single new website with vibrant imagery, user-friendly copy & improved search optimisation
  • media training to coach the two main directors in getting the new messages across
  • an editorial programme focused around news of the company’s successes & comment on topical issues
  • direct marketing to prospects
  • blog posts on subjects – such as disaster recovery – keeping customers awake at night
  • social media advice & selective advertising

We also advised on marketing activities – including poorly targeted advertising & certain events & social media channels – which we recommended MIGSOLV should stop doing to save money.


Working closely with the company’s directors, we’ve made great progress in creating a far stronger profile for MIGSOLV and a more targeted, streamlined marketing strategy.

This is providing a great foundation for long-term growth, with the company making good headway in forging important industry partnerships and winning data centre customers.

The client’s view

“Having run an extensive tender process to find an agency which understood our market and the challenges we faced, and had a track record of delivering positive messaging around complex issues, TK Associates were the clear winner.

From the outset, it was obvious Tariq understood our business and, equally importantly, understood us. He was able to target messages to the right audiences whilst conveying not just the message but our culture too.

PR is often considered a bit of a ‘black art’ because there aren’t always immediate tangible benefits. But in this case, I can say with absolute confidence that the PR that was delivered has had a highly positive impact on our business.

If you’re considering appointing a PR or marketing company, I have no hesitation in recommending TK Associates.”

Alex Rabbettts, CEO, MIGSOLV