Crisis communications

'It takes 20 years to build a reputation & five minutes to ruin it. Think about that & do things differently.' Warren Buffett

Left unmanaged, a crisis could seriously damage your reputation.

But we can help. We provide crisis communications services across London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and UK-wide.

We can support you in two ways: by advising you when actual problems arise, and by helping you prepare for potential problems.

In terms of ‘live’ crises, we have a considerable track record in managing issues from community protests to product defects, business failures, employee disputes, court cases, financial set-backs and construction disasters.

If a problem hits you, we can provide calm, experienced support to help you:

  • devise the best course of action
  • communicate swiftly and effectively
  • manage hostile media attention
  • take the best steps to restore your reputation longer term

In terms of advance preparation, we can help you:

  • identify and minimise your main reputational risks
  • create contingency statements and response plans
Image illustrating crisis communications
  • set up a crisis team
  • train your team how to manage a disaster – including role play sessions to coach your spokespeople in how to respond under fire

The output of our crisis preparation service is typically a practical Crisis Communications Guide tailored for your organisation.

Contact us to find out how we could help you handle a crisis.

And see the crisis communications section of our blog.