Kick Start your marketing

To ensure your new campaign has real impact

Want to get a new marketing drive off to a powerful start?

This might be a fresh marketing push – or perhaps your first ever comprehensive programme.

Not sure how to go about it, or uncertain your message is as strong as it should be? Our Kick Start package will help you create the best foundations and most effective action plan.

It’s applicable to start-ups, established companies, public bodies and non-profits – as long as you’re serious about your marketing.

While we’ll tailor the exact services to your needs, our Kick Start package typically comprises five elements:

  1. Research – into your customer needs and competitor marketing to provide important insight for the rest of the exercise
  2. Marketing Workshop – a stimulating, interactive session with you to clarify your goals, customers, competitors, strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also start developing your ideal brand profile – an inspiring ‘elevator pitch’ and messages to make you irresistible to your customers
  3. Message Framework – a simple set of compelling messages based on our work in the session to make all your future marketing activity as effective as possible
  4. Keyword analysis – to identify the priority search phrases for which you should optimise your website, ensuring these are reflected in your messages
  5. Action plan – a focused marketing strategy and clear activity plan to enable you to deliver your message to the right people

Timescales: We’ll do our best to fit in with your timings and, if necessary, can deliver the Kick Start package in as few as two to four weeks.

Photo of motorbike to illustrate our Kick Start service

Putting your strategy into action

If required, we can then help you execute your marketing plan. For example, this might include:

To find out how our Kick Start services could help you, please get in touch.