Other services

Internal communications, vision work, stakeholder relations & more...

We can provide:

  • Internal communications – helping you to engage your employees and deliver clear, consistent messages inside your organisation
  • Marketing audits – reviewing your activity to identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps, areas to cut back on and ways to improve
  • Research exercises – studying your markets and analysing what your customers think and want as the basis for product development and marketing
  • Value, mission & vision development – facilitating workshops with your team to clarify your organisation’s core purpose and direction (like this exercise for a cancer charity)
  • Stakeholder relations – mapping your priority stakeholders, assessing their influence and perceptions and helping to build the relationships you need (like this project for six local councils)
  • Facilitation services – planning and chairing productive meetings, workshops, brainstorms and roundtable discussions
  • Event management – planning and organising exhibitions, seminars, conferences, launches and fundraisers
  • Bid support – bringing our messaging and editorial skills to help you develop winning business proposals, tender submissions and funding applications
Photo of one of our events to illustrate our event management service
  • Coaching, training & mentoring – for marketing and communications teams in-house and in agencies, including advice to boost the business performance of creative firms

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