Excruciating media interview lesson from Diane Abbott

LBC Radio's interview with Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott yesterday brilliantly underlines the importance of one of the fundamental rules of effective media interviews: make sure you know your core facts.

Vauxhall under fire for ‘reckless’ crisis management

Vauxhall has just provided the latest lesson in how to turn an operational crisis into a reputational disaster.

Buyer survey: what it means for your marketing

An interesting survey into business buyer habits has just been produced by DemandGen, with useful pointers for anyone marketing to a business audience.

The ‘Grammar Vigilante’

I love the BBC's story today about the shadowy 'Grammar Vigilante' of Bristol - an engineer by day who goes out in the dead of night, doing his part to clean up the city by tackling grammar atrocities on shop signs.

The real IKEA crisis – a failure of values

Today's BBC exposé of how drivers delivering Ikea products across Europe are being paid £3 an hour and forced to live "like prisoners" in their lorries for months is a disaster for Ikea's reputation.

How to handle live TV interviews – a hilarious reminder!

Everyone knows the first rule for conducting a successful media interview is: Be Prepared.

Communicating in an alternative fact world

I’ve just read a great article in The New Yorker called ‘Why facts don’t change our minds’.

Lessons from Trump: how not to communicate

Like many people, I’ve been watching President Trump’s recent press conferences – especially yesterday's calamitous, hour-long session (16 Feb) - with my jaw dropped in disbelief. Leaving aside his policies, the conferences are fascinating lessons on how to communicate effectively and inspire confidence and trust - and how not to.

Talk Talk: crisis communications revisited

With this week’s news that Talk Talk CEO Dido Harding is leaving the firm, the biggest event in her career that comes immediately to mind is inevitably the company’s cyber attack crisis of 2015.

Public consultation Tip 10: Always report back

The final of my Top 10 Consultation Tips is always report back to consultees at the end of your exercise - in a clear, honest and timely way.