How to build a great brand – part 1

In fundamental terms, an effective brand is one which makes an organisation - or person - appealing to its customers and other stakeholders.

Public consultation Tip 9: Be transparent!

The ninth of my Top 10 Consultation Tips is to be as open and transparent as possible. It will help you win trust and support. And, in any case, you don’t have anything to hide.

Crisis for Concentrix: the mistake of not showing up

Another week, another lesson in how not to manage a deepening crisis of failures and mismanagement ...

Southern Health: How not to handle a crisis

The beleaguered Southern Health NHS trust has been lurching from tragedy to farce – with the deepening of its on-going crisis appearing largely of its own making. And its account of its actions this week have only caused further damage to its reputation.

Public consultation tip 8: Genuinely listen!

The eighth in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series is genuinely to listen to people’s feedback - and see how this can improve your scheme.

Public consultation tip 7: Be ready to be grilled!

The latest post in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series is about being mindful that, unless your proposals are extremely straight forward, you’ll not just be collating people’s views but answering their questions too.

Public consultation tip 6: Set your boundaries

This next post in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series deals with the importance of being clear from the outset about the boundaries of your consultation.

Branding blunder

How amusing to see a photographic company - with the strapline 'image is everything' - promoting itself with such a terrible photo!

Public consultation Tip 5: Be accessible!

As the latest in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series, my fifth tip is: be as accessible as possible to your consultees.

Thomas Cook’s reputational crisis – too little, too late

The tragic case of the two children killed by a faulty gas boiler on a Thomas Cook holiday is a classic example of a corporate (as well as personal) crisis that's been hugely magnified by being handled abysmally.