More media interview lessons

Another ‘instructive’ media interview!

Last week gave us another astonishing media interview - with more lessons of what not to do. Irish channel RTE interviewed John O’Keeffe of the Garda Representative Association about an investigation which found the Irish police have been falsifying breath test data. O’Keeffe looked calm enough, but ...

Media interview disaster

Lord Bell on Newsnight – lessons from another car crash interview

See the cringe-worthy interview with Tim Bell on Newsnight yesterday? Bell was interviewed by Kirsty Wark about the fall from grace of the Bell Pottinger PR firm he founded because of the shameful campaign it ran to stoke racial hatred in South Africa. It seems incredible that a figure with 50 years in the PR industry ...

Property marketing hoardings

Property marketing signage – what not to do!

I’ve just come across an entertaining Tumblr site critiquing property developments and their marketing hoardings.

I say critiquing ... it mostly mocks them, although ...

Hilarious FT rant against ‘corporate claptrap’

I've just read this wonderful article by Lucy Kellaway in the FT. It charts her long-running mission to campaign against 'corporate claptrap' and the business world's 'giants of guff'. A worthy cause if ever I heard one. She talks about the 'ugly phrases' she objected to back when she started in 1994 - which all sound ...

Grenfell Tower crisis

The latest Grenfell fallout: are the lawyers to blame?

The fallout from the Grenfell Tower crisis continues unabated and has hit senior levels of Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council - with angry accusations of an absence of leadership and more heads rolling.

How to market to CEOs

Forbes and Deloitte have just published the findings of a survey of 300 global CEOs and other directors (the so-called 'C-suite'), with some surprising findings about the kinds of business information they rely on.

This blog post is rubbish

This post is scantly researched and hurriedly written. But I think it outlines a really interesting and practical marketing idea.

Cyber attack throws NHS into crisis

The NHS has been struck this afternoon by a devastating, nationwide cyber attack - and not made the best of starts with its crisis communications.

Face it: you’re not destined for success

I recently had an interesting discussion about destiny with a business coach I know, Andrew Horder. It's quite a philosophical subject, but also has highly practical implications for any organisation’s (and individual’s) development and marketing.

Excruciating media interview lesson from Diane Abbott

LBC Radio's interview with Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott yesterday brilliantly underlines the importance of one of the fundamental rules of effective media interviews: make sure you know your core facts.