TK Associates has helped create new market positioning, a marketing strategy and fresh website for data centre specialists MIGSOLV, as part of our on-going marketing programme for the company.

MIGSOLV operates one of the world’s most secure data centres, as well as providing cloud computing services and data centre advice.

Tariq Khwaja facilitated several workshop sessions with the client’s management team as part of a Kick Start exercise. These explored MIGSOLV’s business goals, strengths, target customers and competitors.

He also undertook research interviews with a number of the company’s customers and took a fresh approach to defining its services.

Building on this, we developed new brand messages along with a comprehensive marketing strategy including a revised set of priority markets.

The new brand positioning brings together previously separate strands of the business under the unified banner of MIGSOLV as ‘Your trusted data centre partner’.

It emphasises that the company delivers ‘the best customer service in the industry’ as its primary selling point.

It also highlights the company’s friendly, honest, down-to-earth personality – contrasting with the stuffy, corporate style of most data centre operators.

We then worked with the client to devise the structure of a single, streamlined website to replace the company’s previous two sites, analyse priority Internet search terms and develop web content in simple, jargon-free terms that would appeal to business audiences.

The new site,, gives a clear account of MIGSOLV’s strengths, track record, markets and services and stands out from the traditional, formal style of most companies’ sites in this market.

In addition to this strategy, messaging and web work, we are delivering media relations, social media, direct marketing and advertising support for MIGSOLV as part of its new marketing strategy to strengthen the company’s reputation and increase sales.