Grenfell Tower crisis

The latest Grenfell fallout: are the lawyers to blame?

The fallout from the Grenfell Tower crisis continues unabated and has hit senior levels of Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council - with angry accusations of an absence of leadership and more heads rolling.

Cyber attack throws NHS into crisis

The NHS has been struck this afternoon by a devastating, nationwide cyber attack - and not made the best of starts with its crisis communications.

Vauxhall under fire for ‘reckless’ crisis management

Vauxhall has just provided the latest lesson in how to turn an operational crisis into a reputational disaster.

The real IKEA crisis – a failure of values

Today's BBC exposé of how drivers delivering Ikea products across Europe are being paid £3 an hour and forced to live "like prisoners" in their lorries for months is a disaster for Ikea's reputation.

Talk Talk: crisis communications revisited

With this week’s news that Talk Talk CEO Dido Harding is leaving the firm, the biggest event in her career that comes immediately to mind is inevitably the company’s cyber attack crisis of 2015.

Crisis for Concentrix: the mistake of not showing up

Another week, another lesson in how not to manage a deepening crisis of failures and mismanagement ...

Southern Health: How not to handle a crisis

The beleaguered Southern Health NHS trust has been lurching from tragedy to farce – with the deepening of its on-going crisis appearing largely of its own making. And its account of its actions this week have only caused further damage to its reputation.

Crisis advice around high-profile court case

We are providing confidential crisis communications and media support to a City professional who is bringing high-profile legal action against his employer.

Thomas Cook’s reputational crisis – too little, too late

The tragic case of the two children killed by a faulty gas boiler on a Thomas Cook holiday is a classic example of a corporate (as well as personal) crisis that's been hugely magnified by being handled abysmally.

Barclays – turning the crisis communications corner

Barclays' financial results today provide a good prompt to look at how the bank is faring, having been rocked by crises over the last year. Profits have plummeted by a staggering 96% and 3,700 jobs are set to be axed. But all's not as bad as it seems and there's much we can learn from the company's latest actions.