What we did

We were struck at the outset that the company’s initial ideas for its website content and images would not set it apart from its main competitors, so we ran a messaging workshop to get to the core of what made Trinity Maxwell stand out.

In a lively session with the three main directors, we explored the firm’s short and mid-term business goals, target audiences, competitors, long term vision and what makes it different.

This gave us a clear direction that the company’s core focus was on mobile telecoms and its greatest strength was its hunger for delivering the best possible customer care.

From this, we developed a framework of messages around the simple proposition of Trinity Maxwell as ‘London’s most service-focused business telecoms provider.

This had a profound influence on the rest of the website project in terms of both design and content.

The customer service theme told us a personal touch would need to come across loud and clear, so we commissioned a photoshoot of all the company’s staff. The last thing we wanted was stock images of anonymous people.

We set out to write the site’s content in a user-friendly, human, informal tone – making sure to explain any technical services with as little jargon as possible.

We also advised the company on its use of social media.

The result

The outcome was a fresh, visually-appealing, people-centric website. It clearly presented Trinity Maxwell as an approachable, expert team which was passionate about delivering the very best for its customers.

The client’s view 

“TK Associates have really helped us pull together a professional, dynamic website with down-to-earth, human language.

They began with an excellent messaging workshop that helped solidify what our brand stands for and how we should describe ourselves. They followed this with a closely connected process to develop our new website.

They were always available and responded quickly to make sure the project ran smoothly. They also trained us to make changes so we can adapt the site as our business expands.

We look forward to seeing the success this site will help bring and are proud of what we’ve achieved together.”

Stephanie Kent, Marketing Manager, Trinity Maxwell