What we did

Our first action was to get a swift understanding of the situation.

We then worked with The Fremantle Trust’s Chief Executive and Marketing & Communications Manager to define an appropriate position for the organisation, agreeing it would take full responsibility for the situation and apologise unequivocally to everyone affected.

It was also imperative to explain how the organisation was determined to learn from the situation.

We drafted a statement to communicate this, and developed a ‘hostile Q&A’ to help the Trust respond to the tough questions which would inevitably come its way.

We also developed statements for the journalists who were investigating the issue.

Press articles had already started to appear prior to our involvement – but with no comment included from the Trust, which gave the false impression that it was not willing to respond.

We helped develop comments for inclusion in these – and in the subsequent stories which ran when the CQC published its report – to ensure the Trust’s position was clearly put forward and incorporated in the media reports.

The results

None of this, of course, was a magic wand to resolve the care home’s shortcomings or to make the reputational issue disappear.

But it clearly showed the Trust was doing the honourable thing – taking full responsibility and appropriate action, and placing high priority on the wellbeing of the residents within its care.

The client’s view 

“The support provided by Tariq from TK Associates was invaluable. He was quickly able to understand the circumstances and provided us with guidance and support to help us manage the delicate situation confidently.

“During the time we worked with Tariq, it really felt like he was part of the team – and I would certainly call on his services again.”

Lee-Anne Macdonnell, Fremantle Trust Marketing & Communications Manager 


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