Intralink — the international business development consultancy specialising in East Asia — has appointed us to lead a long-term, full-service marketing programme to raise awareness of the company’s expertise and build a prestige brand. This follows a series of initial communication projects which we delivered for the company over the last six months.

Intralink’s mission is to make commercial success in overseas markets fast, easy and cost effective for its clients. It enables companies to grow their business in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan – and Asian firms to expand into the West.

The company has a 28-year track record and over 70 multi-lingual business development specialists in East Asia, Europe and the US. With clients ranging from tech start-ups to large multinationals including John Lewis, BT, Philips and Dyson, it’s different from other consultancies as it doesn’t just develop a market expansion strategy for its clients — it plays a hands-on role in building their businesses.

Over the last six months, we’ve worked with Intralink to develop a clear proposition, mission, vision and marketing messages. We contributed to the development of its new website, advised on social media and produced marketing content including a series of blog posts.

We also developed a focused, long-term marketing strategy, which the company has now hired us to implement. Aimed at building a prestige brand for the company as a high-calibre business development consultancy, it centres on demonstration of Intralink’s deep expertise in East Asia and its core sectors – particularly the tech, automotive, healthcare and energy markets.

The marketing programme will include content creation, digital communications, direct marketing, event support, media relations and an awards campaign. We will also foster a stronger internal marketing culture across the international organisation.

Our input is being led by TK Associates’ Director Tariq Khwaja, working closely with Intralink CEO Greg Sutch, Business Development Director Alex Gover and other members of its senior team.

Greg Sutch, CEO of Intralink, comments: “Intralink is a high-end consultancy with unparalleled experience in growing businesses in East Asia — particularly in our core sectors. We’ve historically focused on delivering work for our clients without talking about it externally, but now’s the time to change that. We have ambitious growth plans and a more proactive approach to marketing will have a vital part to play.

We’ve appointed TK Associates to drive our new marketing programme because they have a proven track record of helping companies like ours raise their profiles through compelling, customer-focused content and multi-channel communications. We look forward to working with Tariq and his team and seeing the impact of our joint efforts.”


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