TK Associates is delivering a communications campaign to support ecommerce technology company Sellerdeck as it implements important changes to its business direction.

We’re providing messaging advice, creating content and delivering direct marketing and email marketing services to complement Sellerdeck’s in-house digital capabilities.

Sellerdeck has undertaken a review of the ecommerce market and found a top concern for its customers to be security – especially the management of SSL website certificates and the impending GDPR data protection rules.

As a result of this review, Sellerdeck is now providing its ecommerce customers with an innovative package called Desktop 365 Plus. This combines its software with new GDPR management features, a tailored support service, website hosting and SSL certificate management.

The company has also reviewed its prices, with some rises to apply from late March.

Sellerdeck CEO Josh Barling appointed us to help communicate these changes effectively to the firm’s customers, emphasising the benefits of the integrated ecommerce package with GDPR features and explaining the reasons behind the price increases.

Josh Barling comments: “Sellerdeck is going through a critical period for both our own business and our customers. To ensure our communication around this is managed well, we sought an agency which could give an objective view and ensure smooth delivery.

TK Associates is giving us just that. Without their assistance, I don’t believe our campaign would be proving as successful.”

Sellerdeck is an established technology company based in Surrey. It provides high-quality ecommerce software and services to online businesses across the UK, Europe and North America.

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