National Grid plc has hired us to run a new communications programme to help inform Londoners about—and explore their perceptions of—energy issues in twenty-first century Britain.

We are helping National Grid to educate the Capital’s young people about climate change and renewable energy and to encourage them to consider science and engineering careers in the sector. We will gauge their views and understanding and track how these change in the future.

To deliver the project, we are:

  • building links with schools
  • creating printed and web-based educational materials
  • running interactive sessions in National Grid’s hi-tech new Energy Education Centre, and
  • recommending how the Centre could be improved in the future.

We will also organise a London-wide Energy Quiz in 2012.

The educational project is designed to support the energy giant’s seven-year Power Tunnels programme to rewire the Capital for future electricity via new high-voltage electricity cables deep underground.

National Grid plc  is one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies. It connects people to energy and develops new, sustainable power sources for the future.

The company owns the high-voltage electricity network in England and Wales and delivers gas and electricity across Great Britain, as well as serving seven million customers in the US.