TK Associates is to support companies and public bodies across East Sussex in a marketing initiative to strengthen the county’s economy.

With the effects of recession still being felt nationwide, organisations in East Sussex have identified the need to attract more companies to operate from the area, as well as to retain existing firms and encourage entrepreneurs to start new businesses. This is intended to create a virtuous circle of economic expansion to benefit the area’s economy and the community as a whole.

We will bring together a cross-section of organisations to explore East Sussex’s strengths and weaknesses, target business markets and the opportunity to carve a stronger business identity for the county.

The next stage of the project will be the development of a cohesive new brand identity and an associated marketing strategy to promote it. The third stage will be the execution of this marketing strategy.

Tariq Khwaja comments; “There are some great business success stories in the area and huge new opportunities opening up, particularly in the environmental field. But, right now, East Sussex lacks a compelling business identity. Companies simply don’t have a clear perception of what the county has to offer. There’s an exciting opportunity to change that and put East Sussex firmly on the commercial map.”