TK Associates has been appointed to undertake communications strategy work, message definition, training and risk analysis for property investment group Intrepid Investments.

The initial work includes the identification of Intrepid Investments’ business goals and risks, audiences and stakeholders. It involves the definition of messages and content for each audience group and the most effective channels of communication to reach them.

Our brief also involves training the firm’s spokespeople to react effectively to communications issues and successfully to handle media attention.

Intrepid Investments is a London based company headed by Scott Huggins, long-standing property investment consultant and presenter of BBC2 relocation programme ‘Get A New Life’. It is an overseas property consultancy which helps private investors to make high performing bricks-and-mortar investments in emerging markets.

The company operates two arms:

  • The Intrepid Syndicate Club, an investment club for high net worth individuals, and
  • Intrepid Homes, geared towards the lifestyle investor.

Its approach is based on the principles that overseas property offers an accessible investment vehicle for all types of investor and that there will always be a high performing market somewhere. Given this, Intrepid Investments specialises in a wide range of countries – from Bulgaria to South Africa, Croatia, Costa Rica, Turkey, Germany and Thailand – helping clients to build diversified portfolios.

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