What we did

Our Kick Start exercise centred on a lively workshop with the company’s management team.

In this session, we identified the company’s:

  • core values – finding customer service & innovation to be at the heart of the business
  • mission & 20-year vision
  • business goals – short, medium & long-term
  • priority products – today & for the future
  • strengths – finding its personal service ethic & technical development capability the most important
  • weaknesses, opportunities & risks to address
  • target market – by company size & sector
  • priority partners, and
  • main competitors – exploring what makes Retell different

The results

Based on this work, we went on to develop a clear, inspiring message for Retell.

This emphasised the company’s premium position at the high-end of the market, backed by its exceptional customer service ethic.

It highlighted a clear business benefit: the way Retell’s technology helps organisations improve their productivity – “making every call count.”

It identified Retell’s unique selling point as its delivery of the most advanced technology on the entire call management market.

We supported this messaging work by undertaking analysis of the most suitable Internet search terms around which to optimise its website.

We also identified the most effective marketing activities to undertake to help the company reach its goals – highlighting that an improved website, more proactive channel marketing and a fresh portfolio of collateral were needed.

The client’s view

“We needed professional input to develop our marketing strategy, so we appointed TK Associates. They suggested an innovative approach – introducing us to their Kick Start process – and their workshop session was practical, informative and enjoyable.

With their experience and facilitation skills, we’ve achieved clarity on our vision, values and strategic aims.

We’ll now continue working with them as we implement our strategy to raise the profile of our company and increase our market penetration.

We’re greatly looking forward to sharing the journey with Tariq and his team.”

Roy Duffy, Managing Director, Retell Ltd