We’re featured in The Guardian today – in an article about our marketing work for our client Intralink.

Intralink helps western companies break into the lucrative but challenging Asian economies of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and southeast Asia. And our content marketing work – which is a great team effort – plays a vital role in the company’s growth by demonstrating its deep expertise in these markets.

The Guardian looks at the impact of our marketing activities, effective recent examples and how …

“the blogs often get what Khwaja describes as ‘the holy grail of direct responses’ – when a reader emails back saying that the issues tackled in the blog are exactly the ones they’ve been discussing with their colleagues”.

The photoshoot for this piece a few days ago in our and Intralink’s offices was an interesting experience in itself. (The pink screens are the Guardian’s, not a permanent feature!)

Click below to read the article.

And you can see more on our work with Intralink in our case study here.