We’re supporting Mid Sussex District Council with communications advice for an important community arts and culture project.

The local authority is running a £100,000 initiative to explore investment options to create a sustainable cultural facility on a large site (shown above) in the centre of the Sussex town of Haywards Heath. The options to be assessed will take account of the condition of the existing Clair Hall building on the site, as well as the community’s needs and the other arts and leisure facilities in the area.

Clair Hall has been a much-loved community venue but, over recent years, has seen declining use. The fresh review comes as the existing building has reached the end of its serviceable life, while the community’s leisure habits have evolved – particularly during the pandemic.

The project is complex and of great importance to the community, so the Council asked us to provide communications advice – and we’re working closely with the Mid Sussex team to bring an outside view.

We’ve created a communications strategy that centres on delivering regular project updates to residents, businesses, councillors and other stakeholders – ensuring full transparency while setting realistic expectations.

Information is being communicated via a project engagement website, social media, email, the local press and the Council’s residents’ magazine. The Council’s Leader is providing regular video updates. And radio and press ads are running – alongside promotion at community events and venues – to encourage people to register for updates via the website.

This follows a community consultation held last autumn to gauge the views of local people.

Mat Jarman, Communications Manager at Mid Sussex District Council, said:

“The advice, support and extra capacity TK Associates bring have been invaluable to the communications team here at Mid Sussex District Council. The ability to have an outside view of the Clair Hall project has been a huge help thus far and we sincerely thank them for it.”

This project is in addition to our work to support Mid Sussex District Council’s Digital Mid Sussex initiative to bring full-fibre Internet to residents, businesses and public bodies and make the area one of the most digitally advanced in the country.

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