We’re proud to be delivering an extensive communications campaign to support a pioneering initiative to create one of the most digitally advanced areas of the country.

Mid Sussex District Council is leading the programme – as part of its wider economic development strategy – to get businesses, residents and public bodies connected to the latest digital technology. It’s laying an underground fibre optic ‘spine’ between Crawley and Brighton, and around Burgess Hill, with branches from this set to connect every part of the district to full fibre broadband in the near future.

Innovatively, the Council owns and is installing the infrastructure and making it available to any Internet services companies wishing to use it – so opening the market, stimulating competition and bringing a wide choice of full fibre digital services to the community.

We’ve started supporting this programme with a ‘Kick Start’ exercise – including a workshop session with the Council and its partners – to create communications messages that reflect the scale of ambition behind the programme.

We’ll generate a name, strapline and visual identity for the programme, and a website to present it to the target audiences.

And we’re developing a comprehensive communications strategy to drive awareness and interest in the programme – aimed at businesses, residents, public bodies and elected representatives plus national Internet companies.

We’ll then execute this strategy, with activities spanning media relations, social media marketing, business association liaison, email marketing and stakeholder relations.

Mat Jarman, Head of Communications at Mid Sussex District Council, said:

“This is a ground-breaking programme to make our district one of the most technologically advanced in the country – transforming the way we  work, play and deliver public services.

“Of course, installing the infrastructure alone would never be enough. We have to make people aware of our programme, spark their interest and inspire them to get connected. We needed a smart marketing agency to help us do this, and we knew from their reputation that TK Associates would be the right firm for the job.

“They’ve wasted no time in getting started and are already proving to be insightful, perceptive and energetic in delivering the campaign we need.”


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