Recruitment agency Abacus Employment Services has appointed us to boost its marketing – and get the company into the best position to take advantage of the post-COVID-19 economic upturn.

Abacus has a 20-year track record of success and six offices across southern England. It specialises in providing temporary and permanent employees to companies in the transport, hospitality, industrial and environmental sectors. Its clients include Harrods, Veolia, DHL, Serco, Argos and Next.

The company decided now is the ideal time – while its clients’ recruitment needs are temporarily reduced because of coronavirus trading restrictions – to invest in rejuvenating its marketing ready for the forthcoming economic recovery.

We’re starting by working with MD Chris Addis and his senior team to deliver our Kick Start approach, which will include:

  • auditing Abacus’ existing marketing activities and message
  • reviewing its business goals, strengths and weaknesses, and position against competitors
  • profiling its ideal customers – both clients and candidates
  • developing inspiring new brand messages to help the company stand out in the market
  • creating a practical marketing strategy to deliver the new messages and strengthen Abacus’ brand profile for the long-term

This will be followed by implementation of a new marketing plan.

Chris Addis, Abacus’ Managing Director, says:

“The pandemic has made us look at every aspect of our business, and we quickly realised the importance of identifying any areas of weakness and having the courage to address them. We’re experts in recruitment but we fall short in telling people what we’re good at. We needed to engage a specialist firm who’d take the time to understand us and to show us how to deliver our message in a powerful, consistent and transparent manner as a true reflection of our company.

“Having worked with TK Associates on a business-critical project before and been extremely happy with the work they delivered, we had no hesitation in calling upon their expertise again and we’re excited to see the process evolve.”


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