The Vitality Clinic, an innovative new private medical practice based in Harley Street and Surrey, has commissioned us to run a comprehensive marketing programme.

The Vitality Centre is the only UK clinic focused on a philosophy of positive health creation rather than disease management. It is taking a ground-breaking, drug-free approach.

The clinic is run by Dr Sharief Ibrahim FRCP – a UK-trained consultant with 35 years’ clinical experience. Its purpose is to enable the over 50s to improve their health and well-being by addressing chronic medical conditions and ensuring their body systems function at their peak. It specialises in diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and obesity.

We have so far:

  • run a Kick Start exercise to develop clear brand messages and a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • drafted the ‘Vitality Clinic story’ – a narrative explaining its pioneering approach to healthcare
  • developed a clear, contemporary website, designed to be extended as the clinic develops

The next phase of the marketing programme will include:

  • an editorial campaign to raise the profile of the clinic through the media
  • liaison with targeted networking groups to explain the clinic’s approach through speeches and articles
  • direct marketing to potential patients and an electronic newsletter
  • liaison with influential healthcare professionals
  • social media marketing

Dr Ibrahim, Founder of The Vitality Clinic, explains:

“We appointed TK Associates because they had great client endorsements and developed an impressive, sharply-focused marketing proposal for our business.

“We’ve worked very well together on the initial phase of the marketing programme, making great progress in establishing a clear, compelling business story for The Vitality Clinic and a sleek new website. I look forward to more to follow as we embark on the next phase of the campaign to raise awareness of the pioneering approach we’re delivering to improve health and vitality in the over 50s.”

For more about The Vitality Clinic, please see more on our Kick Start process for launching new businesses, see here.