TK Associates has completed a brand message and website project for fast-growing business telecoms company Trinity Maxwell.

Established five years ago by senior executives from Vodafone, Trinity Maxwell specialises in providing telecoms services to London companies – especially in the City.

We started by delivering its Kick Start method to examine the business and define a compelling new brand position to underpin its future marketing.

Tariq Khwaja led this process, which centred on a workshop with Trinity Maxwell’s directors. This explored the firm’s goals, vision, target customers and competitor positioning before developing fresh marketing messages.

The exercise identified the company’s passion for delivering exceptional customer care as its core strength. Based on this, we defined the bold new proposition:

Trinity Maxwell is the most service-focused business
telecoms provider in London

… backed by a framework of further messages, including the distinction that:

We’re the only company in our field with a
99% customer retention record.

We then delivered an eight-week project to develop a contemporary, professional, search-optimised website which would deliver this new positioning.

We worked to ensure the site would articulate Trinity Maxwell’s services clearly in business rather than technical terms and emphasise the company’s personal touch.

We also provided social media marketing advice.

Stephanie Kent, Marketing Manager at Trinity Maxwell, says:

“TK Associates have really helped us pull together a professional, dynamic website with down-to-earth, human language.

“They began with an excellent messaging workshop that helped solidify what our brand stands for and how we should describe ourselves. They followed this with a closely connected process to develop our new website. They were always available and responded quickly to make sure the project ran smoothly. They also trained us to make changes so we can adapt the site as our business expands. We look forward to seeing the business success this site will help bring and are proud of what we’ve achieved together.”