TK Associates has launched ‘Kick Start’ – a package of services to help your get your first comprehensive marketing/communications programme up and running as swiftly and effectively as possible.

The Kick Start package is relevant to start-ups as well as established companies, public bodies and charities seeking a more proactive approach. It is also applicable to you if you’ve undertaken marketing before but want to run a fresh campaign – for example, to launch a new product or venture.

The Kick Start package has five core elements, tailored to suit you:

  1. Background research – into competitors’ marketing and customers’ needs.
  2. Marketing Workshop – a stimulating session to explore your business and marketing goals, ideal customers, strengths and weaknesses, desired brand profile and marketing messages.
  3. Key word analysis – to identify the Internet search phrases for which it will be most productive to optimise your online activity.
  4. Message Framework – completion of a succinct outline of messages to underpin all your marketing activity.
  5. Marketing strategy – development of a focused strategy, including a practical activity plan to start building a clear, inspiring brand.

The services can be completed in a little as four to six weeks. If required, a more compressed version is also possible.

TK Associates’ Director, Tariq Khwaja, explains: “We’ve recently been approached by quite a few organisations with exactly the same goal – to launch a comprehensive new marketing programme. It’s hopefully an indication of economic confidence returning to the market.

“We’ve developed the Kick Start package to meet precisely this need. It’s a powerful, practical set of services to help organisations get the right marketing foundations in place. It will enable them to launch new campaigns in the confidence that they’re based on sharp focus and smart thinking rather than hope and guesswork.”

Having completed the Kick Start package, if needed, we can help put your marketing strategy straight into action, delivering services such as:

Find out more about our Kick Start services.

For any enquiries, contact Tariq Khwaja on or 07833 336 271.