We have been hired to develop clear new messages and a communications strategy for charity NRCPD, the regulator of sign language interpreters and other communication professionals working with deaf and deafblind people.

NRCPD has commissioned this work to help raise its profile, expand the number of registered professionals and encourage people to hire practitioners whose skills are endorsed by its yellow badge. The charity also wants to lobby for registration to be made a legal requirement to ensure high professional standards.

We’re taking NRCPD through our Kick Start communications planning process in partnership with social media consultants My Social Secretary.

We’ve started this week by facilitating a workshop session with NRCPD’s Chair, Liz Duncan and Chief Executive, Alan Peakcock (shown above with TK Associates’ Tariq Khwaja), plus Registration Service Manager, Kate Price.

In this session, we explored the regulator’s values, objectives, audiences and strengths. We also  reviewed the messages of related organisations and started developing fresh messages for NRCPD. We focused particularly on defining a clear purpose for the organisation, articulating the benefits of registration and explaining the charity’s long-term ambition to make registration a legal requirement.

After the workshop, Liz Duncan, NRCDP’s Chair, said:

“Thank you for guiding and encouraging us though such a positive and productive day. I’m very pleased with what we achieved today and looking forward to the next steps – which is something I never thought I’d say about work on social media and communication!”

We will follow this initial work by:

  • refining and finalising the charity’s new messages
  • developing a comprehensive communications strategy to help NRCPD strengthen its relationships and achieve its goals
  • analysing the best keywords around which to optimise its website and social media activity


For more on NRCPD, see its website

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