The Mulberry Centre – the west London cancer charity – has formally adopted a 20-year vision and new brand positioning as the outcome of a project led by TK Associates.

The exercise was designed to help shape the organisation’s long-term business strategy and strengthen its brand positioning to attract more users, staff, volunteers and funding.

It involved group sessions with all of the charity’s trustees (pictured) and staff to identify its core values, mission and long-term goal and to develop the most effective marketing messages. It also entailed research into the perceptions and needs of users of the Centre’s services, staff, volunteers, funders and other stakeholders.

Judith Stewart, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said: “TK Associates has helped us define our vision, mission and messages. They ran sessions for our trustees and staff and typical comments were that people felt heard – and that the sessions drew out ideas and discussion from all involved.

A great exercise that has led to real results.”

The charity’s Board of Trustees has now formally adopted the following:



Core values: Excellence, integrity, user focus, compassion

Mission: To offer information, complementary therapies and emotional support for anyone affected by cancer.

20-year goal: To be known & respected by everyone affected by cancer who lives or works within reach of our services.


Brand positioning:

Who we are: The Mulberry Centre is a warm, welcoming place which helps to ease the impact of cancer.

What we do: We offer information, complementary therapies and emotional support for anyone affected by cancer.

We deliver a range of services – complementary to treatment – for people who’ve had a cancer diagnosis, their families, carers and friends as well as the bereaved.

We raise awareness of cancer and provide a caring place to talk in confidence, relax, access information and find support.

Our strengths:

  • We care about you and your experience at every stage
  • We deliver free, high-quality support to suit your needs
  • We have an excellent team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about what they do
  • We offer a supportive environment where you can be yourself, no matter how you feel

Tone:  Friendly, supportive, caring


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