Media interview disaster

Lord Bell on Newsnight – lessons from another car crash interview

See the cringe-worthy interview with Tim Bell on Newsnight yesterday? Bell was interviewed by Kirsty Wark about the fall from grace of the Bell Pottinger PR firm he founded because of the shameful campaign it ran to stoke racial hatred in South Africa. It seems incredible that a figure with 50 years in the PR industry ...

Excruciating media interview lesson from Diane Abbott

LBC Radio's interview with Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott yesterday brilliantly underlines the importance of one of the fundamental rules of effective media interviews: make sure you know your core facts.

How to handle live TV interviews – a hilarious reminder!

Everyone knows the first rule for conducting a successful media interview is: Be Prepared.

Crisis for Concentrix: the mistake of not showing up

Another week, another lesson in how not to manage a deepening crisis of failures and mismanagement ...

Southern Health: How not to handle a crisis

The beleaguered Southern Health NHS trust has been lurching from tragedy to farce – with the deepening of its on-going crisis appearing largely of its own making. And its account of its actions this week have only caused further damage to its reputation.

Election cock-ups – and lessons for media interviews

Looking at the recent EU and UK council elections, we could analyse who had the clearest message and most effective delivery – but it’s much more fun to look at the blunders.