Website complete for fibre Internet programme

We've just completed a website for Digital Mid Sussex - the pioneering programme bringing full-fibre Internet to thousands in southern England. The initiative aims to make Mid Sussex one of the most digitally-advanced parts of the country, with fibre installed to ...

Brewdog - offensive ad

Boldness of the UnderDog

I see Brewdog’s latest billboard ad — for its alcohol-free beer — has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for being offensive. It wasn’t helped by being outside a primary school. It reminds me of the Scottish brewer’s previous run-in with ...

Is B2B marketing all about millennials?

This was the topic I was talking to a journalist about this week. It’s the idea that shifts are under way in B2B marketing because ‘digital natives’ in their 20s and 30s are being promoted into purchase decision positions. Here’s what I think – and some interesting ...

83% of companies hit by crises last year – and most struggle with speed

A new study of 400 PR professionals has highlighted how often reputational crises hit organisations - despite what many would like to believe - and how speed of response is an increasingly difficult challenge. On the positive side, the research ....

No-one cares about your company story

I've just read an article by Mark Schaefer which is spot-on. He talks about his favourite 'branded content' — a promotional video from North Face which has had over 8M views. His most important point is: "People don't give ...

Worst website ever?

Many are rubbish because so little (thought/expertise/money) has been invested in them. But one I saw last weekend wins hands down by trying much too hard.

Ingenious marketing idea

An American chap called Alex Brownstein was in the business of marketing himself - he was determined to find a job with a good US ad agency. So he devised what he calls the ‘Google job experiment.’

Why is digital marketing a dangerous distraction?

I read an interesting article by marketing author Danny Brown today. The part that particularly struck a chord was about 'digital marketing'.

Digital communications & the benefits of criticism

I blogged the other day about how you can’t control what people say about you – especially in this digital age – but that you can and should influence it. So my attention was caught by another blog post this morning which, on the surface, presented the opposite view.

Social media & the unleashing of corporate personality

It’s striking how dramatically social media are changing the types of company communications that are really effective. Informality is the big driving factor, enabling enlightened businesses to let their corporate hair down somewhat to good effect.