Place marketing: how inspirational is your location brand?

I wrote a little while ago about how there’s been a recent resurgence in location marketing and why UK towns and cities are right to grasp the nettle. I said I’d come back to how relevant bodies can undertake smart marketing to boost their area's economic ...

Place branding: the time to start is now

It’s funny how certain fields of marketing demonstrate sudden surges in interest. One field showing this lately is place marketing. By this I mean the ...

Public consultation Tip 10: Always report back

The final of my Top 10 Consultation Tips is always report back to consultees at the end of your exercise - in a clear, honest and timely way.

Public consultation Tip 9: Be transparent!

The ninth of my Top 10 Consultation Tips is to be as open and transparent as possible. It will help you win trust and support. And, in any case, you don’t have anything to hide.

Public consultation tip 8: Genuinely listen!

The eighth in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series is genuinely to listen to people’s feedback - and see how this can improve your scheme.

Public consultation tip 7: Be ready to be grilled!

The latest post in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series is about being mindful that, unless your proposals are extremely straight forward, you’ll not just be collating people’s views but answering their questions too.

Public consultation tip 6: Set your boundaries

This next post in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series deals with the importance of being clear from the outset about the boundaries of your consultation.

Consultation for factory development

TK Associates is managing a community consultation for the development of a new factory in St Leonards, East Sussex.

Consultation for new Bexhill regeneration scheme

We are delivering a public consultation exercise around proposals for a multi-million pound road to open up extensive development land near Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

Public consultation Tip 5: Be accessible!

As the latest in my Top 10 Consultation Tips series, my fifth tip is: be as accessible as possible to your consultees.