Business marketing tips – what makes buyers tick

Great insight into how European business buyers think and behave is revealed by the 2013 Buyersphere study, which probed 500 purchasers of significant business items (worth £20k - £78m each) in the UK, France and Germany.

Human relationships in marketing? Far from dead

I’ve just read a thought-provoking - if misguided - article by marketing author Jay Baer. It outlines how how far fewer purchase transactions involve interaction between real human beings these days and draws some interesting marketing implications.

Customer buying behaviour: the hidden marketing triggers

A fascinating article by David Taylor from the brandgym about the book ‘Decoded: the science behind why we buy,’ addresses how we assimilate vast amounts of information to make hundreds of decisions in our every-day lives.

Consultancy support gone mad

There's an intriguing article in today's The Times headed 'Civil servant spent £73,000 on consultant to prepare himself for grilling by MPs.'

Onwards and upwards

PR Week’s annual survey of the top 150 UK PR agencies has just been published – with extremely encouraging results.

Passion killer

PR Week’s latest opinion column is fundamentally wrong about the value of professional passion.

Glitz, glamour & corruption

I see two PR people generated interesting news headlines for all the wrong reasons last week – by picking up jail sentences for fraud. But arguably the judge's comments were far more damaging for the PR profession than their scam ...

Cutting through the brand marketing hype

I recently saw a great presentation that hammers a lot of sense into the faddish subject of consumer marketing and brand engagement.

Barclays – turning the crisis communications corner

Barclays' financial results today provide a good prompt to look at how the bank is faring, having been rocked by crises over the last year. Profits have plummeted by a staggering 96% and 3,700 jobs are set to be axed. But all's not as bad as it seems and there's much we can learn from the company's latest actions.

RIP ‘digital communications’

It’s the time of year when everyone makes predictions about the 12 months ahead, isn’t it?