Worst website ever?

Many are rubbish because so little (thought/expertise/money) has been invested in them. But one I saw last weekend wins hands down by trying much too hard.

Ingenious marketing idea

An American chap called Alex Brownstein was in the business of marketing himself - he was determined to find a job with a good US ad agency. So he devised what he calls the ‘Google job experiment.’

Election cock-ups – and lessons for media interviews

Looking at the recent EU and UK council elections, we could analyse who had the clearest message and most effective delivery – but it’s much more fun to look at the blunders.

Why is digital marketing a dangerous distraction?

I read an interesting article by marketing author Danny Brown today. The part that particularly struck a chord was about 'digital marketing'.

No FT, no nonsense

What a load of one-sided nonsense from Emma Jacobs in last week's FT – ‘Publicity is free with no PRs’.

The six secrets of persuasion

I came across an entertaining animation illustrating the ‘Universal principles of persuasion’ from Robert Cialdini, Professor of Marketing at Arizona University. It is itself highly persuasive and has clear implications for many sales, marketing and communications campaigns.

Slippery slope

I went for a ski lesson last week, as I'm going on my first ski trip in over 10 years later this month.

Brand disaster

Seeing this story about Google displaying a spoof logo for PC World in its search results last week made me laugh. A lot.

A misguided view of professionalism

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has just released its ‘State of the profession survey 2013/14’. Several interesting points emerge.

Winning the argument – with the power of three

I’ve just read a fascinating article by Steve Martin of Influence at Work – the ‘science behind business success’ people. It summarises a research exercise addressing the matter of, when trying to persuade people of the merits of a product or argument, how many reasons you should give.