Thomas Cook’s reputational crisis – too little, too late

The tragic case of the two children killed by a faulty gas boiler on a Thomas Cook holiday is a classic example of a corporate (as well as personal) crisis that's been hugely magnified by being handled abysmally.

What’s the physical experience of your brand?

With some rowdy friends round for dinner last Saturday night, we put on - as we usually do - some of my old vinyl records. (Too loudly, according to the kids trying to sleep upstairs).

Public consultation Tip 4: Be clear!

As the next in my Top Ten Tips series, my fourth maxim for running a great consultation is to be clear. An obvious one, right? But it’s where so many consultations fall down.

Public consultation Tip 3: Be inclusive – within limits

As the latest post in my series of top 10 tips for running an effective public consultation – many of them learnt the hard way - here’s Tip 3: Be inclusive – within limits.

The power of endorsement – and admission of weakness!

I’ve just read an article about some interesting studies from the clever people at the Influence At Work research group. They highlight how much more effective it is to get someone else to ‘toot your horn’ than do it yourself.

Public consultation Tip 2: What you must do vs what you should

Continuing my Top 10 Consultation Tip series, here are my thoughts on Tip 2 – distinguishing what you must do from what you should ...

Public consultation – Tip 1: Have a plan!

I recently outlined my top 10 tips for running a great public consultation.

Top 10 tips for effective public consultation

There seem to be a good many public consultation exercises under way at the moment. Hopefully it’s a sign that the improving economy is giving organisations more confidence to invest in development schemes and community projects.

Goldfish marketing – how fast do you need to get your message across?

I’ve just seen stats that the average human attention span is now just eight seconds. (Source: US National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Fun for copywriters – tips for bad communicators

Here's an entertaining new parody song and video by US satirist Weird Al Yankovic.