The power of disgust … and danger of deception

Suddenly finding it’s almost the end of 2012, I thought about the most notable communications campaigns I’ve encountered in the last year.

Digital communications & the benefits of criticism

I blogged the other day about how you can’t control what people say about you – especially in this digital age – but that you can and should influence it. So my attention was caught by another blog post this morning which, on the surface, presented the opposite view.

Social media & the unleashing of corporate personality

It’s striking how dramatically social media are changing the types of company communications that are really effective. Informality is the big driving factor, enabling enlightened businesses to let their corporate hair down somewhat to good effect.

Reputation management – influence or control?

I’ve just read an article by Alastair Campbell in the Corporate Reputation supplement to today’s PR Week.

Marketing with emotion

I recently heard a fascinating talk by research expert John Kearon about the role of content vs emotion in marketing. I don’t think he's got everything right, but he highlights a fundamental point we’d all do well to think more about.

Marketing strategy – get it straight first

I’ve just read a good article in Forbes about effective marketing. If you skip over the naff headline, there’s a lot of sense in it and it struck a chord with my experience ...

Crisis communications lessons from Barclays

Friday’s Guardian article looking at the role of PR in the wake of Barclays’ rate fixing scandal is off-track on several counts …

Customer service no longer matters

This seems to be a new, prevailing belief. You might think, in an economic downturn, businesses should focus more sharply than ever on their customers. But on the highly unscientific basis of my recent experience, this just isn’t happening ...

Customer engagement – the sordid truth

We’re surrounded by so much hype about how today's marketing must be all about a relentless pursuit of ‘customer engagement’ through online channels.

Five steps to inject more inspiration into your communications

Vince Cable’s leaked letter, attacking his Government colleagues for lacking a “compelling vision”, struck a chord with me.